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Terry Blersh

1. Tryin' | Hi | Lo |
2. Wearin' Out My Heart | Hi | Lo |
3. Walkin' | Hi | Lo |
4. Fire
5. Annalena
6. Flyin'
7. Doin' All Right
8. I Don't Need No
9. Dreamin'
10. Jammin'

*Click on the Hi and Lo links to hear MP3 samples of songs frorm the album. Hi is for high bandwidth internet, and lo is for dial-up internet.

Toronto-based singer-guitarist Blersh is like the ideal fifth starter on a pitching staff.  He goes about his work with confidence and efficiency, not concerned about his lack of recognition south of Ontario.  Not beholden to a particular blues style, this veteran writes good bluesy songs that even reference antecedents like '70s white-soul and toned-down, dreamy Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix.  "I Don't Need No" is an outstanding merger of personal expression and lyricism with expert craftmanship.  His reliable sidekicks include organist Garth Hudson of The Band."  Frank-John Hadley, DOWNBEAT July 2010

\“I was on a three week stint in northern Ontario.  Late one night after the gig we were listening to a radio station out of Minnesota somewhere that was playing all this great old 50’s rock & roll, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis.  It hit me that Elvis needed a killer comeback back song, so I stayed up all that night and wrote him one.  As the sun was coming up I crawled into bed and fell asleep.  When I woke up, Elvis was dead.  I never played the song again until this year, “Tryin”, it’s the first tune on my record”.

Terry Blersh, veteran guitarist and singer-songwriter has just released his self-titled debut CD.  If you’re a fan of Canadian blues and roots music, you’ve probably seen him, doing his own thing or backing up many of your favourite artists, on stage and in the studio.  

The record features nine of Terry’s original tunes and one blazing cover, Jimi Hendrix’s “Fire”.  Blues, rhythm & blues, rock ‘n roll and jazz influences are all evident, with Terry’s smooth vocals, fiery guitar and clever writing, tying it all together.  There’s some rock ‘n roll (Tryin’), some blues (Wearin’ Out My Heart, Walkin’), rhythm & blues and soul (Doin’ All Right, I Don’t Need No), southern rock (Annalena) as well as three instrumentals (Flyin’, Dreamin’, Jammin’).  

The band Terry assembled for the record includes some of Canada’s finest musicians. Denis Keldie (Serena Ryder, Carlos Del Junco) on piano and organ, Al Cross (Jimmy Bowskill, Jerome  Godboo) on drums, Tom Griffiths (Colin Linden, Willie P. Bennett)  on bass and John Mays (Fathead) on background vocals.  Also heard on the record, Garth Hudson (organ) Mike Sloski (drums), Charlie Cooley (drums), Garth Vogan (bass), Alec Fraser  (bass), Lance Anderson (piano).  Recording and mixing by ace     engineer Jeremy Darby (Lou Reed, Eric Clapton) at The Canterbury Music Company.

"Terry Blersh.....roots rocker.....with original songs....."Wearin' Out My Heart" and "Walkin" are very good as are the more R & B numbers, "Doin' All Right and "I Don't Need No".....there's also a fine version of Hendrix' "Fire" .....powerful guitar style.....surrounds himself with the cream of our local heroes.....This one's definitely worth checking out."  John Valenteyn, MapleBlues Dec. 2008

"Terry Blersh's efficient yet fiery guitar work is reminiscent of another Canadian, Robbie Robertson.....intelligent lyrics, interesting hooks.....nice organ work by Denis Keldie and Garth Hudson.....nine originals, the one cover is Hendrix' "Fire", a funky romp that Blersh rearranges and makes his of the finest independent
releases of the year!"  Bob Putignano, BluesWax